March 4, 2017

Winnipeg Scottish Festival

Canad Inns Polo Park

March 4, 2017

Winnipeg Scottish Festival

Canad Inns Polo Park

Your Sponsorship Goes a Long Way!

We would like to thank our long standing supporters and sponsors. Without your help, this wonderful cultural event would not be possible. Please be sure to visit all of our sponsors websites and support these wonderful businesses by clicking on the links provided.

The Winnipeg Scottish Festival is asking for additional support

The Festival brings together pipe bands and Scottish culture enthusiasts from across the prairies. If you would like to take part in our Festival please contact Peter Heavysege ( see email at bottom of page)

The Main Festival Attractions Include

Pipe Band Competition Pipe bands from across the Prairies and Mid-West

Solo Piping and Drumming Competition – All contests are judged by internationally recognized judges.

Class | Event Sponsorship

Sponsors can make specific contributions toward prizes for Highland Games events. These prizes include perpetual trophies, class medallions, and prize money. For example, sponsoring $300 towards “Premier 18 & Over” class in piping championship provides for the purchase of a new perpetual trophy, 6 class medallions and prize money. In return, the trophy has an engraved nameplate in the name of the sponsor and the sponsor receives recognition in the program for sponsoring the class.

Background of the Organization

The Winnipeg Scottish Festival has been successfully been running for over 20 years. The success of the current Festival is a result of a dedicated group of organizers who believe in the importance of this event and understand the types of benefits it provides the community. The organizers work diligently all year round preparing and organizing to ensure that everything will run smoothly on the festival weekend. As a sponsor, you are an important contributor to the Festival, and we strive to give you full value for your investment in this excellent community event. We believe that your success is critical to our success, so we’ll do whatever we can to profile your business at the events.

To Sponsor this Event, please contact:

Peter Heavysege